Vladimir Kabelik

Writer, Director, Producer

A Master of Arts graduate from FAMU, Academy of Film and Television Arts in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Vladimir was employed as a motion picture director and writer by Kratky Film studios and produced for Czech Television and Radio.

In Toronto Mr. Kabelik has produced mainly for CBC and Vision TV. Other Canadian credits include TV Ontario, OMNI TV, Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN), Access Alberta and the Knowledge Network in British Columbia.

Vladimir is a member of ACCT (Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television), IDA (International Documentary Association, FITES (Czech Film & TV Guild) and CAPA (Canadian Association for Photographic Arts). Currently a professor of film and television production at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and a principle of Willing Mind Productions Inc.


Jean Desormeaux

Executive Producer

Formerly vice president of production at Alliance Communications, Jean has over twenty five years of experience in the film and television industry. Mr. Desormeaux has produced and executive produced countless films and television series including Johnny Mnemonic, Due South, ENG and North of Sixty. Mr. Desormeaux has produced and co-produced international product for every major American and Canadian broadcaster and is the proud recipient of both Gemni and Air Canada Awards. He holds two law degrees in addition to a bachelor of film communications and as the program coordinator at Sheridan College Advanced Film and Television post graduate program, he teaches producing.


Marc Cohen

Associate Producer

Marc Cohen is a Toronto based film and television producer whose expertise includes both the financial and creative aspects of film and television production. Marc graduated from York University with a Master of Fine Arts in film and video production in 2004 and has brought to the screen documentaries such as Unveiled Dreams (Omni), The Ben Kerr Story< (TVO), UFOs Angels & Gods (VIVIDAS) and most recently So Far From Home.

Over the past few years, Marc has worked with Nomad Images as the head producer and Chief Financial officer and later with as Think Again productions as producer. Mr. Cohen also works in internet advertising and communications working for associations and corporate clients.


Michael Savoie

Director of Photography

An award-winning Cinematographer with innumerable television documentaries to his credit, Mr. Savoie has shot 16mm and 35 mm Film, and all Electronic Capture formats for broadcasters worldwide. Some of his credits include the four time Gemini award winning documentary Claude Jutra - An Unfinished Story (CBC,SRC, NFB), Earthshocks - The Ring Of Fire for Ben King and Ian Hunt of Steadfast TV, London, True Heroes (documentary and dramatic shooting) for Alex Morengo and Sean Smith of DarlowSmithson Productions, London, Stranger Than Fiction, for Barna Alper Productions Toronto, and Wall to Wall Productions, London, Psychic Investigators for Robin Benger and Nextfilms, and finally, The Nature Of Things for CBC.

Michael previously worked for CBC to join The Journal, the networks? flagship news and current affairs program. From 1981 to 1989 he traveled the world shooting long-form television documentaries.


Michael Burshtyn


Michael started as an editor with Toronto 1 and later cut for Entertainment Tonight Canada and Global Television. He also became a Senior Editor at Post Producers Digital where he was instrumental in helping to develop and edit several series for MuchMoreMusic.

He has extensive expertise working with graphics in Photoshop and After Effects and has a background in 3D Computer Animation. Originally earning a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Victoria, Michael subsequently attended Sheridan College's Advanced Television and Film program with a focus on editing. This allowed him to combine his creativity with his strong technical background.

With a few documentaries already under his belt, Michael was eager to return to this format of storytelling with So Far From Home.


Stephen Barden

Supervising Sound Editor

Supervising Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer Stephen Barden is a principal member of Sound Dogs based in Toronto and New York. Graduating from the Media Arts program at Sheridan College, he has since also returned to Sheridan as a part-time faculty member. Mr. Barden started editing sound for the television shows Due South and La Femme Nikita and among his first feature film credits were Paul Thomas Anderson's Hard Eight and Vincenzo Natali's Cube. A multiple Gemini and Genie Award winner, Barden also took home the 2007 DGC award for sound editing for Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain. He is currently wrapping up the editing and mixing for the second season of Durham County and, after completing Vladimir Kabelik's So Far From Home, he will be supervising the feature After.Life starring Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci.

Barden is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, the Editors Guild in the United States and the Motion Picture Sound Editors guild globally.


Didier Kennel

Supervising Editor

Didier has been a freelance documentary editor for 23 years and has worked in news. He has worked with CNN in Africa, National Geographics, CBS, Discovery channel, CBC, BBC, Global, Life, Prime, TSN and TVO.

Didier is also an accomplished editor on Corporate video work including credit with the Asian Development Bank, American Express, Kellogs, IBM, Sears, Upjohn, Revlon and Xerox. Didier has been an Avid Certified Instructor since 1994 and has successfully trained editors in North America, Europe, South America and Asia.


Joyce Wayne

Story Consultant

Joyce Wayne is an award-winning journalist who specializes in literary journalism. Her articles have appeared in Books In Canada, Saturday Night, Quill & Quire, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and This Magazine. She has been a full time professor at Sheridan College for 18 years.

In 2006 Wayne developed and launched the Canadian Journalism for Internationally Trained Writers graduate program, the program from which the case studies for this documentary emanate.

She is a member of PEN Canada and CJFE (Canadian Journalists for Free Expression).


Jake Chirico

2nd Unit Camera

In his final year of study at Sheridan College, Jake Chirico is establishing himself as a skilled TVA on the route to becoming a documentary cinematographer. Jake attributes his cinematic sensibilities to his upbringing in a small northern town, which contribute to his aesthetic choices and informs his stylistic approach. Jake has worked on numerous student documentary projects as a director of photography and is garnering experience in the Toronto television and film industry through work at both Hot Docs and MTV Canada.


Anthony Sulpizio

Location Audio

A graduate of the Media Arts Program at Sheridan College, Anthony has focused on the audio portion of production. Mr. Sulpizio has developed a keen interest and expertise in both production and post production sound. Anthony's interesest in the technique, art and science of film and television production span from writing, acting to camera and lighting.


Sinan Ridha

Language Versions Director

Sinan Ridha is a multidisciplinary artist now residing in Toronto. Moved by the power of storytelling as a way of enriching the cultural discourse, Sinan believes that the primary purpose of all art is to overcome the boundaries of prejudice and hate.

Sinan's breath of experience in architecture and the visual arts extend to film directing, production design and photography. Over the past several years, he has leant his talents to a wide array of projects such as Kidnapped, Burning Man, Thursday Market, ODO and recently to So Far From Home.

Originally trained in the Ukraine, Sinan's photography, miniature art and painting has been displayed in exhibitions throughout the globe; from Dubai to Kharkov and from Moscow to London.